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Top Cordless Impact Wrenches 2018

Impact wrenches are power devices that provide minimum exertion and high output of torque. This device functions by applying the mechanism of storing energy when it is in a rotating motion and delivers the stored energy in a sudden motion. There are plenty of models that work based on compressed air, electricity, and hydraulic power. However, the most popular models of impact wrench are electric impact wrench and the cordless impact wrench.

Here are the 2018 top cordless impact wrenches you should read about to make a better informed decision.

Milwaukee 2763-21XC FUEL 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless 1/2″ inch Cordless High Torque Impact Wrench

This impact wrench pushes professional tradesmen new and modern levels of performance, durability, and runtime. It actually outperforms all other competitors. Users confronting dreary high torque attaching applications in a more traditional time had to rely on corded or pneumatic torques because of run time and power challenges.


A combination of REDLITHIUM XC 5.0 Ah pack of battery, a motor that is POWERSTATE Brushless, an optimized impact mechanism and REDLINK PLUS Intelligence produce tools that outperform other corded, cordless and the pneumatic competitors. Each and every wrench features a special and unique mechanism combination and a DRIVE CONTROL proprietary 2 mode that is usually tuned to give out a wide range of applications that are more productive.

Its superior performance usually delivers a maximum fastening torque of up to 700 ft. Ibs of up to 2X more runtime and a reverse nut-busting torque of 1100 ft. lbs.

The POWERSTATE brushless motor of this wrench outpowers competitors and it runs cooler without wearing out any component. The REDLINK PLUS Intelligence allows the user to select between 2 modes of fastening.



DEWALT DCF899B 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench


This impact wrench from DEWALT gets even the toughest jobs done and it is a hardcore device. Its actually lightweight at around 7 lbs. and it has the capability of producing up to 700ft. lbs. It is powered by a brushless motor and it is conveniently compact. This wrench comes along with a rubber handle which is comfortable for the user and also gives the user a tight grip.



This new high torque impact wrench was designed for users in the oil field, automotive, concrete fastening, in iron working, farms, roads and bridge, heavy machinery repair and elevator industries.

It has three different models. The models are the DCF899, DCF898, and the one that has a quick release chunk, a 7/16 inch impact DCF897. DCF899 impact wrench delivers a torque of around 700 ft. lbs. It also has a maximum breakaway reverse torque of 1200 ft. lbs. This makes it known to be the best impact wrench for lug nut removal.

To ensure they are compact and reasonably suited for a variety of jobs, these new impact wrenches are designed to measure a length of 8.9’’ and a weight of 7 lbs. with a high torque setting, 3 speeds to choose from, an LED work light that is usually placed near the battery pack.



The Makita XWT08Z Lithium-ion


Includes an attaching torque of 740 ft.Ibs. and 1,180 ft. lbs. split away torque with a runtime extension and speed regulation for unmatched attaching execution. It includes a productive Makita brushless engine for longer run time, expanded power and speed, and longer device life. The three-speed electronic power control switch gives techs, laborers, and or personal users a more exact attaching control. It is perfect for a scope of users, from iron and steel laborers to pipe fitters, railroad and car mechanics, framing woodworkers, and the many more.



Makita’s part of expanding 18V Lithium-ion system is one of the current world`s biggest cordless device system driven by 18V lithium-Ion batteries which are slide-style. Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have the quickest charge time in their classes, so they invest more energy on working and little time to charge when compared to others.

For enhanced device performance and to make sure that batteries are durable, Makita came up with Star Protection PC Controls. Star Protection is a correspondence communication innovation that permits the battery to communicate with the Star Protection app and do data exchange in time and watch over conditions when engaged to ensure that no overheating, overloading and over-discharging is experienced during work. For expanded flexibility, the instrument can be alternatively be driven by batteries that have an icon of the star on it. This star shows star protection inside an indicator that it can be also powered by 18V LXT Makita.



Ridgid R86011B 18V GEN5X Cordless Brushless 1/2 in. Impact Wrench


This GEN5X impact wrench by RIDGID has four working modes one of the modes being a uniquely designed auto mode which makes it a must-have in many shops that defeats its competitors. Brushless motor technology delivers over fifty percent more runtime and extended motor life.



For those tasks that are demanding more power, the four mode setting provides adjustable speed and power to ensure that they run smoothly. For aplications that are heavy, the device has a torque output of 450 ft lbs. that can comfortably support most heavy tasks.

To help get away with shadows it has a double beam LED around the housing and to prevent too much over torquing, the automatic mode automatically shuts the device off when it starts to fasten as well.

For high expert quality and extended durability, there is a die cast gearbox, 1.2 in. grating ring anvil’s iron is perfect with famous effect appraised attachments and takes into account speedy attachment changes

The combination of its high capacity battery (a 5.0 Ah battery which is included when purchased as kit) and the brushless motor allows it to be used more efficient with a high run time for a period of even a whole day .

Finally, with 2250 inch pounds of torque, it’s worth considering, due to the fact that there isn’t any other out of the 2018 top cordless impact wrenches that goes beyond the GEN5X Cordless Brushless 1/2 in. Impact Wrench which comes in an amazingly affordable low price range for what it can do.